The Sweet North’s Harry Potter Great Feast: The Most Magical Event of the Year

From the moment I received my personalized letter of acceptance from the Owl Post  (which included the official Hogwart’s crest and gold seal, signed by Professor McGonagall herself) I knew this event was going to be grand. 

Hogwarts students and volunteers alike have been sharing photos and videos since the Sunday event, making everyone else in the world who didn’t get to go, jealous— and you have every right to be. 

Muggles that were lucky enough to be given one of 49 spots to the Sweet North Great Feast (it sold out in 20 minutes) met at platform 9 -3/4 on the magical eve of October 21st, and once going through the brick wall, arrived at the wizarding school (the bakery completely transformed into the enchanted Great Hall), complete with house colours Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw, a super cool common room and of course… wizards, roaming Death Eators, Hagrid, Moaning Myrtle… and a whole lot of Harry Potters. Did I mention guests were given their very own wand!?

Like many in attendance, I grew up with the Harry Potter series, and it grew up with me. There’s a reason the last movie was so emotional for us! Just as Harry, Ron, and Hermione were entering adulthood, so were we— so this event was extra special. I couldn’t help but take note of the true Potterheads in attendance that had a frighteningly detailed knowledge of the series. The spell to make things float? Any amateur knows: Wingardium Leviosa, duh! But they went far beyond sharing a simple spell—chatting a ton about the plot and rehearsing quotes from the series WORD FOR WORD. It was quite  clear that Potter fandom has not died down one bit.

Now let me tell you, no one is as dedicated to a feast like a Harry Potter fan, and the Sweet North crew did not disappoint. A four-course traditional British meal with all of the fixings… and I do mean ALL. Guests enjoyed a dinner menu stacked with roast chicken and pretzel stuffing, beer braised roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, grilled pork chops topped with apple cider and mushroom cream sauce (there was more but at that point I was too full to remember)….and then the desert. Oh, the desert. Rounding off the night with butter beer and other wizard-themed beverages.

The very first Sweet North Harry Potter Great Feast was nothing short of magical. It was so popular, in fact, that organizers say there is potential to move to an even bigger venue next year. I would share more of the awesome details, but they fall under the International Statute of Secrecy.


PS In the sorting hat ceremony, I was assigned to the Gryffindor family, although I must admit, I’ve always had a thing for Slytherin. 

(Thanks for a couple of the snaps Kay Lee Photography)

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