Thunder Bay is my home. I love this community and all of the awesome things that make it Thunder Bay. Hundreds of talented artisans, unique events, a culinary scene that is on fire, the great outdoors, and so many awesome humans are a part of the fabric of Thunder Bay, and I will use this space to share all of the things that make me say #tbaylovin

King of All Spaces and Places

It’s the Godzilla of nightlife in Thunder Bay. Well actually, it’s the three headed dragon that is Godzilla’s arch enemy— bigger and golden. The new King Ghidrah that is located above Sovereign Room, (ya I always wondered what was up that magical, twisty staircase as well), is a super sleek lounge that combines sultry Asian design elements with a relaxed energy and style.  The intimate, modern space, that you might have known as the Dragon Lounge back in the day, is bathed with Sakura accents, emerald blue bench seating, and exposed original gold walls, giving guests a circa 1950’s vintage[…]

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Live at the Lionheart

With a handful of tour stops, appearances on national TV shows, a huge homecoming concert, their name slapped on a beer can and even a hot sauce label, The Honest Heart Collective was everywhere this past year…but with a new year, comes a new idea. So what about a live gig from the four-man crew in the perfect acoustics of a recording studio? They told their fans to “meet at the boulders on Red River”—little did we know, it would be the beginning of an awesome night out in Thunder Bay.  This February, the local Indie Rock band stripped down[…]

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The Sweet North’s Harry Potter Great Feast: The Most Magical Event of the Year

From the moment I received my personalized letter of acceptance from the Owl Post  (which included the official Hogwart’s crest and gold seal, signed by Professor McGonagall herself) I knew this event was going to be grand.  Hogwarts students and volunteers alike have been sharing photos and videos since the Sunday event, making everyone else in the world who didn’t get to go, jealous— and you have every right to be.  Muggles that were lucky enough to be given one of 49 spots to the Sweet North Great Feast (it sold out in 20 minutes) met at platform 9 -3/4[…]

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