Bay Awesome-  Living your life; not letting it live you. Aspiring to be a star in reality over a reality star. Committed to creating and living a life you love; Investing in yourself without the slightest bit of apology. Inspiring awe.

Welcome to Bay Awesome & thank you for giving me a reason to write.

I was inspired to start Bay Awesome after a special project I worked on in 2014. Along with several of my friends,  I turned 30 that year, and was quite amazed about how many of them were freaking out about THIRTY. I kept hearing a lot of talk about the dreaded transition from your youthful and carefree 20’s to your more adult life at 30. But I on the other hand, thought turning 30 was awesome abiophoto-aboutnd decided to do a project to prove it. I dubbed 2014 as the #YearOfAwesomeness and created a list of 30 to-do’s that I had to complete throughout the year to make it AWESOME.

Each  ‘to-do’ item helped me grow up (not old), and was also a way to bring a  little joy to my friends as I included them in the tasks and also blogged about every single adventure. It was an amazing experience- I traveled, challenged myself daily, completed tasks I never thought I would ever do and learned a thing or two along the way. The most incredible part of it all- the hundreds of messages I received from others telling me they could relate to my posts and it made them happier or inspired them to even start their very own list!   With such amazing feedback, I wanted to continue to write and share, so here I am today. Bay Awesome is a blog that will feature posts about everything AWESOME. I write about my daily musings, favourite things, things that make you go hmmmmm, trips, career, exercise, relationships- you know, all the stuff that makes us who we are.

About Amanda

Amanda is a PR gal, positivity engager, lifestyle blogger, traveler, chief idea officer, a self-proclaimed news enthusiast, and above all else- a young professional with a huge love for her community.

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Amanda is very proud to live and build a life in her community. She has been navigating the media world for over 14 years, taking on a variety of different roles. With a background in journalism, Amanda began her career in broadcasting as a Radio Personality and News Director , and then moved into the role of Photojournalist and Television News Anchor. For over the past decade, she has worked as a Director of Communications, generating buzz and developing content for various clients.

My FAB Photographers

All pictures featured on  Bayawesome are usually taken by the wonderful and talented David Zahodnik of DZ Photography, Damien Gilbert of Epica Pictures, and Jamie Olsen of Jamie Dawn Photography. They are Thunder Bay gems.


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